Timeline of Ginner


*The exact date of this is unknown and lost to time.


Rise of the races

*This was the rise of the First Races- the Dwarves, Aranea, Tel-hune, Elves, Halflings.


First race wars

*The races had built their first major civilizations and war came as inevitable as the seasons.


Asmodius finds Ginner

The demon lord Asmodius finds the world of Ginner. It has no gods or goddesses.


Asmodius favors the Aranea and they begin to worship him

*Asmodius approaches the Aranea. Their inherent cruelty and domination of the other races were appealing traits to him.


Asmodius teaches the Aranea Magic

*Referred to as the Pact, This was the deal made with Asmodius. He would teach the Aranea, and only the Aranea, the secrets of magic. The Aranea would not share this with the lesser races. The Aranea would also worship Asmodius as their god.


The Aranea rise to dominate all, they enslave all others.

*The Aranea were a powerful force before the Pact, now they were unstoppable. They spread their domination across the entire world. All others on the planet lived only because the Aranea allowed it. During this time the Aranea created:

 The Canids – Hunters of the runaway slaves.

The Minotaurs – These serve as the muscle and enforcement of the Aranea’s will


The city of Shova-Matel, City of forever is founded.

*Shova-Matel is founded as the capital city of the Aranea Empire. It was a city of amazing magic and unspeakable horror. The lesser races were slaves, servants and food. The Pens was an area of the city where vast holding areas for slaves that were used as a disposable commodity.


Asmodius recognizes the untapped power of the faith locked inside the slave races.

*Asmodius could sense the growing power in the slave races and began to work subtly to foster the beginnings of belief. Bound by the Pact he could not move against the Aranea though he knew their betrayal was inevitable.



Asmodius begins to plant the ideal of a benevolent savior into the minds of the slaves.

*Asmodius begins laying the ground work of faith in a benevolent savior, The God AZ, Lord of the Flaming Sword.


The Aranea tries to achieve the power of Asmodius.

*Concurrent to Asmodius manipulating the slaves, the Aranea begin the Great Work. In their quest to obtain the power that Asmodius has, they create the Magitaur, and teach them the gift of magic.


The Aranea attempt to breach the crystal shell.

*In the process of exploring and developing magic, The Aranea find the edge of the crystal Shell that contains their world and begin plans to breach it.


Asmodius uses the slave named Markell to lead the uprising.

*The attempt on the crystal shell and creation of the Magitaurs is enough for Asmodius to justify the breaking of the Pact. He uses a young slave named Markell as a tool and begins the uprising. The slaves revolt and cast down their former masters.


Markell shatters the city of forever.

*In the course of the Uprising, Markell, used by Asmodius, shatters the heart of the great work in the city of Shva-Matel. The very continents split and reform to their present configuration, pieces of Shova-Matel can be found on every continent.


The heart of Shova-Matel exists in an extra-planar area and is known as the City of Brass


Only 100 Aranea Survive the purge

*Though the Aranea are now considered legends and boogie men. A story to scare children, yet the common curse, “Let the spider’s take him…” is still used. Spiders are still considered a bad omen, and usually killed on sight.


One Aranea, Masilarious, captures Markell and subjects him to the Masilary Stone.

*Exposure to the Masilary stone causes Markell to undergo forced evolution. Masilarious tries to prefect this vessel. Masilarious can sense the remnant power left in Markell’s body from when Asmodius used him as a puppet for the Uprising.


Masilarious tries to swap his soul into Markell, but a flaw in his stone causes the process to fail and leaves Masilarious an invalid in his Aranea body.


Markell survives with his mind flayed by the new knowledge grafted into his mind by the failed attempt.



Markell enslaves Masilarious in the crypt of his own tower and begins to experiment.


Markell begins writing the blood prophecies.

*A splinter of Markell’s mind causes him to write the Blood Prophecies. These are written in Markell’s own Blood and cast away, by teleport as soon as they are written. Markell has no recollection of doing this.


Markell crafts a flawless Masilary Stone, using the stone he creates the P.M.E.


The second Race Wars begin


The Elves begin to take the war forward, making gain after gain.


The Humans, working with Magitaurs, create the Leash.


A young initiate of the Church of Az, Hertzical, discovers one of Markell’s blood prophecies. The strain drives him insane.


The invention of the Leash turns the tide and now all sides are locked into mutual annihilation.


Markell vanishes from history


Hertzical travels to the Finger, the tower that once belonged to Masilarious.


Hertzical becomes a pawn to Asmodius who teaches him the darkest gifts


Hertzical learns the commanding tone from Asmodius


Hertzical uses the Masilary stone to take command of the P.M.E.


Hertzical choses Markell’s path and vows to bow to no one


Asmodius had always planned for Hertzical’s betrayal.


Using the P.M.E., The Canid and the undead, Hertzical descends from the North and begins to lay waste to all the other armies.


Asmodius vests an Avatar into the body of a young farm boy called Meshakel.


Meshakel eventually unites the kingdoms on the battle field and turns the tide.


The war culminates into a final confrontation on the field of Sorrow.


Meshakel faces Hertzical.


During the battle, Hertzical realizes he will lose and desperately ties his life force to the hero’s own.


Meshakel strikes down Hertzical in an epic release of power.


Mt. Crydawn now rises from the field of Sorrow.


Only Meshakel is standing. He declares there is only one Kingdom, the Kingdom Of Az, and founded the Dynasty that rules to this day


The Church of Az grows exponentially after the war.


The former kingdoms become Baronies


Hertzical survived as a litch and continues to tie his life force to the heir


Hertzical and Asmodius exist in a strange truce.


Hertzical keeps Asmodius secret, Asmodius leaves Hertzical to his own device

Timeline of Ginner

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